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Spending for Future!

There is no argument that Laxmi Bank Three Star Club has the strongest squad in the national football. Some years ago, Laxmi Hyundai Manang Marshyangdi used to be called as the "Giant-Spenders" in national league, but things have changed now. While some clubs like New Road Team are still in financial crisis and have turned back from the A-Division league, Three Star, even after winning the national league has been spending lavishly on players of top quality available on the market.
There is no certain reason for a club to spend or not in bringing big names as the investment made in Nepali Football usually does not fetch profit usually. But, if the future is to be kept in mind, Nepali Football is the most strong and profitable sector to invest on. The cash rewards are increasing and even the numbers of tournaments are increasing daily. This is a good sign to the sector as the clubs and it's players do not have to pass their days doing nothing for good!
If investment is made wisely, it is certain that Nepali Football will progress. Looking at the modern day football around the world, we can even conclude that Nepali football , if given exposure and experience, can set a name in the World football.
Sports Tourism can also be developed in a country like ours where the connection of natural beauty and Football is strong. 

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So, the conclusion is, that we should encourage big spenders to set an eye on football.

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